Board of Directors

The National Association of Social Workers, New Jersey Chapter is part of the national association of social workers.  We are one, national community with separate state chapters that meet the needs of our membership on the ground.  As part of a national association, we are governed by one legal board at the national level.  State Boards of Directors are programmatic boards, charged with ensuring that the state activities align with the national direction.  

The NASW-NJ Board of Directors are elected by you, our members.  Positions include President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President (Finance), Secretary, 4 Regional Representatives and both a BSW and MSW Student Representative.

President, Widian Nicola                                                                               President Elect, Lisa Lawson

First Vice President, Carrie Conger                                                              Second Vice President, Jennifer Sorensen

Secretary, Tiffany Mayers                                                                              Graduate Student Representative, Matt Sato  

Undergraduate Student Representative, Lorna Jones

Regional Representatives, Ruslana Church, Veronica Grysko-Sporer, Oninye Nnenji, Courtney Wise 

Lean In

Applications are accepted from January-February 2023.  Check out our guide to learn more about the roles, frequently asked questions and qualifications.  

Timeline: Applications and Nominations Open NOW.

Voting: May 2023.

Term: begins July1, 2023 (end date varies based on term)

Interested in Serving?

Holding an elected position in our organization is meaningful.  You have the opportunity to use your voice, share the experience of your colleagues and friends and help set the vision for our chapter.  It's also a fantastic way to build your leadership skills, learn new things and develop as a well-rounded professional.

Our nomination committee is charged with vetting possible candidates for elections.  You can submit your application today!

Have questions?  Contact our Executive Director via email or by calling the main office. 

Apply Today!