NASW-NJ has 12 units that hold regional events around the state of New Jersey. Unit events are a fun, informative way to grow your network near your home or workplace. Members can attend events for free! Each Unit has an appointed volunteer Chair and Co-Chair, as well as, a Steering Committee to help coordinate and plan unit events. Please see below for their contact information.

For questions regarding Units or Unit volunteering, contact the Membership Management team.

Unit Chairpersons and Co-Chairs

Unit Chairpersons and Co-Chairs are responsible for having regular meetings which are open to the members in their Units. These meetings should be held at least four times a year. Unit Chairpersons keep the overall membership informed of their Unit activities and concerns through written/oral reports to the Board and articles in FOCUS. They are responsible for recruiting social workers who are not members of NASW; identifying candidates for Chapter offices and soliciting nominations for Chapter awards; promoting NASW and the social work profession.

map of New Jersey
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Atlantic/Cape May /Cumberland
Chair: Tanoa Bettis
Co-Chair: Janelle Fleming

Chair: Melissa Donahue
Co-Chair: Open

Chair: Danielle Cranmer
Co-Chair: Open

Chair: Felicia Fdyfil
Co-Chair: Ravjit Ruby Sekhon

Chair: Jillian Holguin
Co-Chair: Open

Chair: Miguel Williams
Co-Chair: Michele Shropshire

Chair: Tina Maschi
Co-Chair: Vimmi Surti

Chair: Jeanne Koller
Co-Chair: Chair: Denise Gaetano

Chair: Cheryl Cohen
Co-Chair: Veronica Grysko-Sporer

Chair: Margaret Ryan
Co-Chair: Open

Chair: Dina Morley
Co-Chair: Afifa Ansari

Chair: Hannah Korn-Heilner
Co-Chair: Open

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How Do I Get Involved?

That's easy.  Simply complete this volunteer interest form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly!  

Still have questions about where your interest and talent fit within the chapter?  Give us  call, we'll help you find an opportunity that is meaningful.

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