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A Movement for Police Reform

Social workers are agents of change and at this juncture in our nation's history, our voices are needed more than ever. During the month of July,

NASW-NJ and NASW-NYC will be co-hosting a pair of webinars on social work and advocacy which will culminate in two days of virtual action July 28-29. Using the tools provided during the two webinars, we'll be asking our members to take some time on July 28 and July 29 to make phone calls to their local, state, and nationally elected officials to advocate for police reform.

Join Our July Call to Action for Police Reform! 

Social Work Identity & Advocacy (Call to Action Part 1)

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Virtual Advocacy Tools & Training  (Call to Action Part 2) 
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Call to Action Virtual Advocacy Campaign
Our formal Call to Action campaign has ended, but its never too late to take action and engage with elected leaders. Check out the on-demand videos above to help prep you for your outreach and then use the resources below to guide your asks of elected officials. When you're done, log your calls in our Advocacy Log so we can track our outreach and tell the story of our advocacy campaign. 

Call to Action for Police Reform: Handouts and Tools

Below you will find useful links, handouts ,and resources to prepare you to make calls to your elected officials to advocate for police reform.

Find out how your Congressperson voted on The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 (HR7120)

Click here to see the official voting record.

Submit comments to the State of New Jersey regarding police Use of Force Guidelines

The NJ Attorney General's office is seeking public comment as part of the revision process to the state's Use of Force Policy. Comments must be submitted by August 1, 2020.  More information.

Read the African American Mayors' Association Peace Pact

The nation’s black mayors gathered last month and devised a Peace Pact for Community Centered Policing. The plan outlined by the African American Mayors Association calls for providing transparency in policing, reevaluating police policies and union contracts, advocating for federal policy changes, improving community engagement, and creating city budgets reflecting community values. More information.

Downloadable handouts for the Call to Action Advocacy Campaign

Local Level Advocacy - NJ
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How to Find & Contact Your Elected Officials
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How to Contact Elected Officials

State Level Advocacy - NJ
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Federal Level Advocacy
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NASW is committed to social justice for all and to ending racism. Across the country, we are mobilized and increasing our efforts in the face of America's racism pandemic.

Visit NASW-NJ's Race and Justice resource page

Visit the National NASW Racial Justice resource page

Log Your Advocacy Calls

Take notes while you're making your advocacy calls. Make sure to track who you called, whether you spoke to someone or left a message, and what the outcome of your calls was. Once you've completed your advocacy calls, fill out the advocacy log to let us know who you called and what the results of your calls were. You are able to complete this survey multiple times, so if you make your calls over multiple sittings, you can complete the log after each sitting, rather than wait to log all your calls at once.

Take me to the Call to Action Advocacy Log.