New Jersey Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) builds political power for social workers through candidate elections and is the political action arm of the NASW-NJ.  

As a political action committee, PACE endorses and financially contributes to candidates from any party who support our policy agenda. The New Jersey PACE Board of Trustees endorses and contributes to local election candidates and those running for State Senate and General Assembly; national PACE makes endorsements in U.S. Congressional races with advise from the Chapter.

2019 General Assembly Endorsements

NASW-NJ PACE has announced its candidate endorsements for the 2019 New Jersey General Assembly election.

PACE has endorsed 50 incumbent legislators based on their support for the organization's progressive legislative agenda, alignment with the values and ethics espoused by the profession, and demonstrated support for the vulnerable and under-represented individuals and communities social workers serve.

PACE has also endorsed 10 challengers who have presented a strong commitment to addressing issues of racial, social, environmental, and economic justice, as well as strong support for advancement in women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the needs of those individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

View the list of endorsed candidates and be sure to vote on November 5.

Donate to Pace

Making a contribution to NASW-NJ PACE ensures that our chapter can continue to strengthen relationships with candidates whom support the values, ethics and issues surrounding our profession.  This is a critical piece of our advocacy work; as it helps ensure that our legislators are aligned with our policy perspectives and will ensure that social workers continue to have a seat at the table on policy related issues.  

All funds donated to NASW-NJ PACE stay within our chapter/state.

Make Donations to: 

30 Silverline Dr., Suite 3
North Brunswick,  NJ 08902