2020 NASW-NJ Awards

We believe in celebrating the successes of our field and our colleagues.  Each year we come together to honor the outstanding work and accomplishments of our friends, colleagues and like minded partners.  

Our award categories are: 

The emerging leader award recognizes newer social workers and members who have already made significant contributions to the association and/or the profession and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service. .

The organization of the year recognizes the outstanding accomplishments by an organization that serves the community and has made demonstrable contributions to the broader social work community and/or community at large over the course of the year. The organization demonstrates a commitment to the values and ethics of the social work profession and commitment to advancing the work through partnership and advocacy.

The academic of the year recognizes those in social work academia who are members of the association and who have made significant contributions to the world of higher education.

The social worker of the year recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of a social worker and member of the association who has made demonstrable contributions to the social work community, the community as a whole or their organization.

The lifetime achievement award recognizes an individual and member who has made sustained contributions to the profession over their career as a social worker. The award is reserved for those nearing retirement as an acknowledgment of substantial contributions over their professional lifetime.

The public citizen award honors and celebrates the work of non-social workers who share the commitment to the profession, shared values and have demonstrated an excellence in their work.

The elected public official of the year honors the contribution of like-minded public officials who share a commitment to the values, ethics and principles of the profession. The award is open to all members of public service who work in unison with social workers to advance sound social policy.

The outstanding leadership award honors senior agency leaders who demonstrate exceptional leadership within their organization or institution, a commitment to the values and ethics of the profession and is seen as a community leader.

The member of the year award honors the contributions of a general member of the association who has helped strengthen the association through engagement, outreach, volunteering and more. The member does not need to be a member of a committee or unit leader as contributions can be made in a variety of ways. The award celebrates the work across the association and passion of our membership at large.

Nomination Process & Questions

All members of NASW-NJ can nominate either themselves (there is nothing wrong with self-promotion!) or a colleague.  All nominees for social work positions should be members of NASW-NJ, however we do have some awards open to those in our field/surrounding fields that do not require membership.  All nominations are due by August 1, 2020 and will be reviewed by an awards committee.  Notifications will be made in August. 

Can I nominate myself?  Yes!  Absolutely.  We encourage self-nominations as well.  We believe in recognizing your contributions and being a champion for yourself just as you are for your colleagues and clients.  

Can I submit more than one nomination? Yes.  Just make sure your submissions are unique to the individual and the narratives are different.

What if I'm not sure the person I want to nominate is a member? That's ok, nominate them anyway. We have our ways of figuring out if someone is a member!

I see new award categories this year. Why?  We are always seeking to grow, improve and highlight amazing work.  We've taken a look at the phenomenal contributions made this year expanded our awards. 


Nominations are Open!

All members of NASW-NJ are invited to submit a nomination.  Those nominees for social work awards should be members of the association, however there are a few awards open to non-members. 

Nominate Now!