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Social work has a complex history of upholding white privilege alongside a goal to achieve racial justice. Moreover, our profession simultaneously practices within racist systems and works to dismantle them. The 2021 NASW-NJ Virtual Annual Conference will present an opportunity to examine our profession’s relationship to white privilege and racial justice in order to reimagine an anti-racist future.

The New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-NJ) is soliciting proposals for presentation at our next statewide continuing education conference, to be held virtually in March, 2021. We encourage you to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues through two-hour workshops that can be held online. You will not only receive maximum exposure by presenting at the statewide conference, but you will have the opportunity to engage and enlighten other social workers.

Workshops should emphasize one of the following areas or others which specifically address individual/systemic racial inequities within our society.  

  1. Challenging structural racism and reframing dominant cultural ideas and patterns 
  2. Popularizing racial justice – consciously promoting equitable impacts and inclusion 
  3. Showcasing solutions, model policies, innovative practices and successful strategies to address racism
  4. Developing strategic connections across diverse constituencies and issues to end systematic discrimination 
  5. Developing activism within the social work profession to address racial inequities

Workshop proposals are assigned for continuing education credits as clinical, non-clinical, social & cultural competence, and/or ethics.

Please plan your workshop for an intermediate to advanced audience.    

The deadline for proposals is October 15, 2020.  All submissions must come through our online submission process. The selection process is a blind peer review process. Please do not put identifying information anywhere on the proposal you are uploading. Please note: there is a limit of 3 proposal submissions per presenter and a maximum of 2 proposal acceptances per presenter.

Criteria for Presenters:

  • Five years of experience in the particular area of instruction; or a graduate degree in the particular area (an MSW is sufficient); and
  • Certification or licensure as a social worker, psychologist, Board certified psychiatrist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor or Medical Doctor.
  • Social Workers who are submitting proposals must be members of NASW.
  • Willingness to present to a large audience of up to 100 or more.

Guidelines for Submission- limit of 3 proposal submissions per presenter


The title page and proposal must be double-spaced. The format is as follows:

Title page – List workshop title (12 words or less) and the proposed CEU credit classification (clinical/ non-clinical/ethics) on this page. In order for a workshop to qualify for clinical credits, at least 1 presenter must be an LCSW, LPC or clinical psychologist.

Abstract – Submit an abstract of 50 words or less, which summarizes your workshop.  If selected, the abstract will appear in the conference brochure and all advertising materials, so make it descriptive and appealing for potential attendees.

Workshop Description – The workshop must be two (2) hours in duration and applicable to virtual learning.  The proposal must be between 300-500 words, excluding the abstract and the bibliography.  All proposals must demonstrate integration of anti-racist theories and practice in social work.  In keeping with NASW‘s nondiscriminatory policies, language must be bias-free. Each page should have the title of the proposal at the top. 

The following must be included:              

  • A detailed description of the workshop content; and
  • A clear statement of the workshop’s relevance to social work practice or knowledge; and
  • A clear statement of how this information ties into power, privilege and dimensions of social identities, and how the knowledge gained will relate to social justice
  • 2-3 learning objectives or goals for attendees of the workshop, with specific skills to be obtained from participating in the workshop; and
  • Bibliography or reference, references should be within the last 5 years. (for APA Guide, see References here:
  • Disclosure of whether this workshop has been presented to an NASW-NJ Annual Conference in the previous three years. If so, include a statement on what materials and references have been updated from previous workshop.

Resume – A vita or resume for each presenter must be submitted.  There is a maximum of 2 presenters per 2-hour workshop. Presenters cannot be changed or added at a later date, unless approved by NASW-NJ. Please include full name, all academic degrees, certification or licensure status, job title and employer, work phone, home address, e-mail address and home phone as well as a listing of previous workshop or presentations. Workshop topic dates and sponsoring organization must be included in this list.  One copy of each presenter’s résumé must be submitted.

Mandatory Presenter Orientation– A mandatory orientation is required in order to present at our 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.  If your proposal is selected, dates will be made available to you for inclusion on your calendar at least three months in advance.

Please comply with all of the above criteria in order for your proposal to be reviewed. 

If you have questions, please call the Continuing Education staff at 732-296-8070 ext 122

Submit Your Proposal

 Note: You cannot save your application once you have started, so only proceed when you are ready to submit)