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We believe in the power of connecting great agencies and organizations with those looking for their next professional opportunity.  Our job postings aren't just limited to those who possess social work degrees, but anyone/everyone at every level of their professional path, who are interested in the helping profession.  



Our website receives over 15,000 views per month (yes, we know that's a lot!) and our weekly e-newsletter circulation is over 21,000 unique individuals.  Our reach is broad and our readership includes licensed social workers across all disciplines and practice areas, but also those in the helping profession, nonprofit organizations, education, advocacy, and those interested in using their skills in agencies and organizations like yours.  

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The New Jersey Career Network is a free tool offered by the state of New Jersey to help job seekers find meaningful work by offering job search skills training, job application tracking, and research-backed techniques to take their job search to the next level.

Learn how to effectively find job opportunities that match your needs and interests and get the tools that will help you stand out in today’s crowded job market. New Jersey Career Network helps you organize, advance, and take control of your job search journey.