Clinical Supervision Courses

Clinical supervisors are in demand. You can help meet that demand and earn 20 Clinical CE credits (or 12 Clinical, 5 Ethics, 3 Social/Cultural). Our clinical supervision course is designed to help you prepare for the next step in your career, give you the tools you need to support this important work, and train the next generation of social workers.NASW-NJ’s Clinical Supervision Course is approved by the Board of Social Work Examiners in NJ.

4 hours self-study prerequisite:

1. Social work practice and supervision liability review (2 hours)

2. Agency ethics audit (2 hours)

Course information includes:

1. Recognize & identify the critical aspects of an interactional model of clinical supervision & be able to incorporate this model in clinical supervisor role.

2. Understand the relationship between clinical supervision & the treatment of a client/patient/consumer.

3. Become aware of the ethical principles concerning clinical supervision & be able to apply the principles to the clinical supervisor role.

4. Explore ethical challenges relevant to supervision and develop guidelines for managing these challenges.

5. Supervisory skills and techniques will be highlighted throughout.

6. Learn & practice skills of clinical supervision methods that will facilitate a positive relationship & professional growth between the supervisor and clinician.

8. Develop strategies to become more socially & culturally responsive and embrace diversity in social work practice and supervision.

9. Review & Understand NJ licensure regulations for clinical supervision.

10. Develop an individual action plan for supervising social workers towards their LCSW credentials

Presenters (in rotation for different course dates):

  • Dr. Tawanda Hubbard, LCSW
  • Joyce Clark-Addison, LCSW
  • Carol Kahn, LCSW


Date(s): Please see our Events Calendar for the dates/registration of the next available Clinical Supervision Course. 

Cost: NASW Member - $350, Non-Member - $450

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