Shared Interest Groups

Social work is one of the most diverse professions, a trait that makes us strong and resilient.  As an organization, we represent the needs of our entire profession--from macro social workers to clinical, social workers in agencies, government, the nonprofit sector, healthcare and more.  The ability of our profession to come together and collaborate is critical.  Macro and micro level social workers bring a unique set of perspectives that make our communities stronger. 

Sometimes though, its good to come together with colleagues who share your particular practice-area experiences, to talk through shared experiences, challenges, opportunities and to network. 

Our shared interest groups offer just that opportunity.  Open to members, we currently offer two shared interest groups, healthcare and private practice groups.  

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Healthcare Shared Interest Group

Healthcare Social Workers Shared Interest Group

Healthcare social workers practice in a variety of settings, from hospitals to hospice, nonprofit organizations to state healthcare systems, each lending their expertise to serve patients during times of need. 

Our Healthcare Shared Interest Group (HSIG) brings together our members who share these common practice settings and contribute to our advocacy efforts around healthcare issues, help identify continuing education needs of healthcare social workers, help plan symposiums and lend their expertise on coalitions. 

Our healthcare shared interest group is statewide, currently meeting quarterly and in our North Brunswick office. 

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Private Practice Shared Interest Group

Social workers in private practice face a unique set of challenges whether they are are new to private practice or have been in the field for years.  They wear the hat of clinician and business owner.

Our Private Practice Shared Interest Groups (PPSIG's) bring together our members who share these unique experiences to support one another, talk through business related challenges and opportunities and support one another in their practice. They contribute to advocacy, continuing education and serve on coalitions.

We have regionally organized private practice groups who meet multiple times a year, making it convenient to find local support.  

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What About Other Groups?

Have an interest in another shared interest group that isn't listed?  Our groups are a reflection of our members needs and desires to come together.  If you think we should consider additional practice-related groups or would like to speak with us about forming one, we'd love to chat.  Just shoot us an email and a member of our team will be in touch to talk!